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Monday, February 07, 2005

Spring Riding in full force, soon.

Get ready for a great spring of riding with the UWEC Cycling team. We are going to be planning a meeting soon so that we can all get on the same wavelength before our next batch of nice weather. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

John and Jason welcome you to our Blog...

MTB Ride Recap by TJ

Well the Wednesday group was as fun as usual. We rode Archery park before heading over to Otter Creek. In Archery park we ran into FreeRide Dave on the trail who was walking back up a steep bank, after obviously crashing hard down it. He was like "It wasn't bad." and off we road. Dave is a cool dude that has no fear. He can hop up onto park benches and wheelie off of them. It's way cool. Chad, John, Jamie, Dave and I then ripped around otter creek for about an hour or so. It was just long enough for us all to try the "Jump". Some did cool stuff and landed, while Chad and I did cool stuff before we ate dirt. Hard. Chad was more of a crash to the side and mine was more of a superman onto my chest/face. It was all good for show as everyone was watching. No (major) injuries were sustained, however. That's a ride recap from TJ. Thanks for checking in on UWEC Cycling! Next week join us for a MTB ride and maybe you can see my Superman moves!

Any thoughts on making Mondays also a MTB ride with the colder temps? Leave a comment if so. Anyone been doing the Monday road rides at all? Sorry if you've showed up solo...

-Until next time

Monday, October 18, 2004

Wednesday MTB ride

As usual, we will be going out for a MTB ride on Wednesday, leaving from the clocktower at 4:30.

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